The Mighty Cornelius – Orgonomics EP


ABAGAFREE003 – Released on 17th August 2010

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The latest release by ABAGA Records artist The Mighty Cornelius entitled Orgonomics EP is a great release which jumps straight into high quality Dubstep from the first track.
Track one “Orgone Donor” features the soothing vocals of Kerry Stirling which contrasts nicely with the heavy beats and bass which provide the backdrop to this song. The second track, “This Is Moloch”, features full warm sounding pads and really subtle sounds. The beat is driving with a pounding snare, while the heavy but warm sub and subtle chords give a kind of reggae but more unique vibe to this track. Track three, Codeine Party, starts with a great violin hook which makes the listener under estimate the drop they are about to hear. The track contains a heavy bassline consisting of sound waves being modulated to filth. This bassline is backed by a solid, heavy beat as well. This is a must have download, so do yourself a favour and get it.