Dunt – Here Comes The Snake EP


ABAGAFREE001 – Released on 19th July 2010

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Melodic, dark, subby… These are only a few of the adjectives that could be used to describe the debut EP from Dunt, and barely scratch the surface in explaining the amazing depth and subtlety that can be found in Here Comes The Snake. The EP begins with ‘Sweet’, with Dunt incorporating vocals from Melo and guitars from Tactus into his meticulous production style. This track introduces us to Dunt’s melodic style with danceable finesse. Track two, ‘Castle’, lulls us into a false sense of security with its fantastic chordal structure before dropping one of the heaviest, subbiest, filthiest bass lines on us; like a gold brick wrapped in a silk pillow. Subtle, melodic, and shuffling, ‘Drift’ displays a sophistication rarely found in dubstep. However, crank up the volume and ‘Drift’ becomes a hefty sub odyssey. The Tactus remix of ‘Castle’ transforms the track into a relentless dance number whilst maintaining Dunt’s sublime chord structure. So, to sum up: melodic, dark, subby… fucking sensational.