ABAGA Records is an Edinburgh based label run by Tactus, releasing all types of sub-heavy electronic dance music. Founded in early 2008, they have digitally released free and paid collections of music from Scottish and international artists, have put out mixes & fanzines, and have put on release launch nights in clubs around Edinburgh, collaborating with established nights such as Nu-Fire, Split, JungleDub, Coalition and more.

The label has helped artists gain plays and live sessions on many radio stations, including BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, and have had tracks played by big DJs. Involvement with the local music scene has been important for the label, playing a big part in the Save BBC Introducing In Scotland campaign, working with a collective of Scottish producers (White Knuckle Collective), and lecturing for the MOBO Tour.

We also offer recording services, mixing and mastering along with production music lessons, which are run by Black Cave Recordings. You can find them at www.blackcaverecordings.com.

ABAGA Records’ forthcoming releases will feature artists who will continue to push musical boundaries, and will aim their bass heavy music at dancefloors around the world.