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ABAGA017-Various-Save_BBC_Introducing_In_Scotland_coverABAGA Records are part of a campaign to help save the BBC Introducing In Scotland show on Radio 1. The BBC are restructuring and are cutting a weekly 2 hour show every Sunday at midnight that showcases Scottish talent. This would be a huge loss for local musicians and listeners, and make it harder for Scottish artists to reach international audiences. We urge you to get involved by signing the online petition and downloading the compilation album released by ABAGA Records on December 19th (all proceeds go to the Drake Music Scotland charity). The Pop Cop and Pelmet Nights are also involved in the campaign and have done a great job with the online petition and facebook page. Meetings with SNP MSP Joan McAlpine and Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hyslop in the Scottish Parliament have also shown how important this show is for Scottish music, and they will be a great help in letting the right people know about this campaign.

Here’s the 21 track compilation to help save the show:

Save BBC Introducing In Scotland by Various Artists
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Here is the subject being talked about at Westminster (skip to Jonathan 2:01:13):

And here’s & the subject being debated at the Scottish Parliament:

Online petition:
Show your thoughts on the BBC cuts:

There are also some nights organised to raise awareness for the campaign:
Witness @ Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh: December 07th
Nu-Fire @ Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh: December 12th 2011
JungleDub @ The Bongo Club, Edinburgh: December 15th 2011
Split @ Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh: December 20th 2011


Frightened Rabbit:
“It would be a travesty if the show as cut from the BBC radio schedule in Scotland. For over 10 years, the slow has been an invaluable and irreplaceable platform for new and established Scottish bands. “It serves to breed an essential community within Scottish music and scrapping this show would reinforce the popular fallacy that the industry does not exist outside London”

Joan McAlpine (SNP MSP):
Joan McAlpine has supported the campaign from the beginning, is delighted that the campaign has received such fantastic support from both the up and coming and internationally renowned artists:

“I’m pleading with the BBC bosses not to silence the sound of young Scotland. Introducing in Scotland has blazed a trail for our cutting edge bands and solo acts thanks to the enthusiasm of both Ally McCrae and the previous presenter Vic Galloway. Scotland has always punched above its weight when it comes to great pop music and having a vibrant scene depends on shows like this” “It’s cheap nfl jerseys hugely unfair that future generations of musicians are may not receive the chance they need from exposure on such a great platform. The cost of перекус saving Introducing in Scotland is tiny in comparison to the salaries being paid to London executives and presenters. The future of the Scottish music industry must be secured.”

Fiona Hyslop (Cabinet Secretary of Culture):
“The creative industries are hugely important to Scotland’s economy, generating £5.2 billion each year and supporting over 60,000 jobs. “The music industry has grown significantly in Scotland and for it to continue to flourish, our budding stars of the future must have platforms to showcase their talents, and I hope that the Introducing in Scotland campaign can achieve a successful result for Scotland’s talent.”

Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai):
“This is a great show and it would be a real tragedy if it was stopped from being broadcast. The show has been really supportive of the Scottish music scene as a whole and has backed us and our bands on Rock Action, which has meant a lot to us”

Biffy Clyro:
“We fully support the Remix campaign and are very much against the axing of the show. Introducing in Scotland is an incredible resource for Scottish bands, artists and the music-loving public and its scrapping would be a huge loss for us all.
“We wish you the best of luck with the campaign and look forward to listening to the show for many years to come.”

“It’s a shame that Scotland, home to so much unsigned talent, and up and coming producers and artists – both bands and solo acts – is being ultimately penalised. We get little to no exposure as it is, and cutting the show isn’t going to help matters. Sadly, the BBC don’t see it fit to cut one of their heavily playlisted daytime shows to make room for new underground music. It’s a pity, since Peeps! in general people seem to be more receptive to new and up and coming music. It doesn’t make sense to cut the underground shows, and continue to broadcast nonsense for the masses during the day. I wonder what John Peel would have to say about it?!”

DD from The Setup:
“BBC introducing in Scotland is absolutely unparalleled in the support it provide to new artists in Scotland. On top of this it was right on the cutting edge of music, almost everything they played was brand new and the range of styles was the widest of any radio show around. If it is brought to an end it will be a sad day for the music community in Scotland.”

“Introducing Scotland I feel is very important to the Scottish music scene. It has helped many Artists/Bands get the recognition they deserve.”

Special Ed:
“The BBC Introducing show on Radio 1 Scotland is wholesale nba jerseys one of the first places I go to hear exciting new Scottish music, it would be a big loss for Scotland if it closed down. As an aspiring producer, nothing beats hearing your track on Radio 1… Please keep the show going!”

“The boost this show has given me is unmatched. As a former session guest I’d hate to think that talented emerging artists could miss out on such an experience, and it doesn’t hold very true to the ‘In new music we trust’ slogan.”

Texture (Director of Black Lantern Music):
“This is the only show on the air which supports emerging artists in Scotland. Cutting this show is a death sentence for new music on mainstream radio, and would make the BBC a wasteland populated only by identikit zombies like Jessie J and Olly Murs.”

Alan Gray (Fresh Air Radio):
“BBC Introducing is an invaluable outlet for Scottish music. Whilst cheap nfl jerseys it is important for artists not to just focus on one outlet for promotion but certainly the work of this show specifically and SA3D the benefits it has provided the scene should mean it deserves its place on the Radio1 network.This album is just a snapshot of the talent is has promoted, previously Twin Alantic, Biffy Clyro and many more have used this show as their stepping stone.. surely says something.”

Lou Hickey:
“Scotland has its own unique & varied musical identity. We need to give our home grown wholesale nfl jerseys talent all wholesale jerseys the support we can. We really hope we can have the Cabinet Secretary for Culture’s support for our cause.
“A UK-wide radio show would not offer anywhere near the same amount of exposure and opportunities for emerging Scottish artists. It would be a travesty if the only platform designed specifically to support new Scottish artists is scrapped.”

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