SubShot – Deadline EP


ABAGAFREE005 – Released on 27th September 2010

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SubShot‘s 4-track “Deadline” EP takes the deep, ambient vibes heard in his jungle tracks, and transforms it into melodic, punchy Dubstep grooves to get down to. Introducing the listener to the feel of the EP, “Lost” is filled with chilled, dark sounds which are carried by a fat beat and catchy percussion. The minimal “Abyss” layers ethereal, wide pads and samples that slowly drift off into the sonic darkness. The bassline is deep, and moulds perfectly into a showcase of SubShot’s rhythmic expertise. Switching the feel between 2-step and Dubstep, the title track “Deadline” keeps the ears interested. The ever changing soundscape and smooth 808 bassline give a dense ambient atmosphere, paying tribute to SubShots jungle roots. With a classic 2-step rhythm, and plenty of sub, “3 a.m.” sends the EP to a close nicely. The rainy, urban atmospherics and a relaxing bassline blend perfectly to make the track danceable, and yet soulful. The Deadline EP makes you want to move, as much as it makes you want to listen. The way it should be.