MAKO – The Space Badgers EP


ABAGAFREE006 – Released on 18th October 2010

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MAKO’s ABAGA Records debut, the Space Badger EP, stands out for its light skipping two-steppy beats and fat bass lines, its subtle melodies and its sense of deep atmosphere. The EP kicks off with Venus Or Mars, in collaboration with Tactus, a sweet subby number that kicks off sparse and melodic and eases into a punchy four-to-the-floor beat that catches you off guard. A great start to a superb EP. The eponymous Badgers (also a Tactus collab) hits you straight off with some amazing sub that immediately sets the room shaking. This track is comprised of sparse and delicate layers of staccato melodies and spacey pads, half-heard parts of syllables creating the overall ambience. Goldigga, whilst maintaining the feel of the EP, is punchy, catchy and the sort of tune you definitely want to be hearing in a nightclub or a party. Got to love that bassline as well. Bringing the EP to its danceable conclusion, Head Up reminds us that its not often we are lucky eough to hear an EP that we can listen to again and again and keep on finding something new and interesting each time. Nice one, MAKO.