The Mighty Cornelius – The Filth EP

ABAGAFREE008 – Released on 7th December 2010

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“The Filth” EP’s creator The Mighty Cornelius has excelled again. The EP kicks of with the infamous “Mister Mars” with its syncopated beats and subtle percussion elements that come in and out throughout the track, not to mention its hypnotic melody. “The Sickness” says it all; with straight up grimy basslines and punchy beats, this track upholds the high standards set from the first track. It will go down exceptionally well in a club and will easily sit in a set amongst classic tracks. Bringing the EP to a close is “Bruck”, another heavy bassline filled track that kicks off with exciting drum patterns before changing at the break to a more laid back feel and then once again hitting the listener with more gritty basslines. A top EP.