Daojia – Call To Arms EP


ABAGAFREE009 – Released on 3rd January 2011

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Daojia’s ABAGA Records debut, the Call To Arms EP, is a slickly produced slice of dubstep fresh from Edinburgh’s dancefloors. The eponymous title track sets the tone for the EP; dark, deep and atmospheric. “Call To Arms” has a distinctly grimey undertone that ought to keep UK garage veterans happy. Track two, “Hydra”, possesses many subtleties, with its interweaving rhythms and haunting melodies. This track simultaneously achieves great delicacy and great power with its combination of harsh synths and strings. “Ghosts on Vinyl” brings the EP to a close. This track is reminiscent of the haunting minimalist soundscapes of experimental early dubstep, but with a distinctly modern flavor. It provides a fitting capstone to an EP that ought to occupy a special place in the darkly splendid world of UK underground music.