SubShot – Dark Days EP


ABAGAFREE010 – Released on 31st January 2011

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Paying homage to old-skool Dubstep/garage, the “Dark Days” EP strays away from the hype-ridden, use-once tracks of todays scene and is a great example of minimalist power.
The title track opens the EP up with a scene-setting minimal intro, holding off to the last second to subtly burst into a relaxing yet physically persuasive drop. “Distance” builds into a dark, malicious sound, but then suddenly disperses into a smooth groove. The emotive drones and soulful samples suddenly drop out, and the track transforms into a sublime second-drop and gives another percussion-busy perspective on the track. After a cold & rainy piano intro, “Oldskool Love” flourishes into one of SubShot‘s fattest basslines ever. You can’t help but feel your shoulders swagger to the beat. In the end, the warm atmospherics and bassline mould together flawlessly. The ambient track, “Junglists Soul” is almost like a soundtrack to a slow motion dream, looking back to a well-spent youth of raving. As it closes the EP, it serves as a nice reminder that music isn’t always about getting off-your-face to. Luckily, international law allows music this good to be given away for free. Thanks SubShot!

Reviewed/included at: Sitting OvationBig Up Magazine (Thanks!)