Tactus – Detached EP


ABAGAFREE018 – Released on 2nd December 2013

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Label boss Tactus heads this EP alongside two collabs with MAKO. Both artists have been busy with a number of projects, Tactus’ recent EP on Gradient Audio and MAKOs’ release on Hot N Heavy have both been well received, and between gigging, Sub FM sessions, BBC Radio 1 and Rinse FM plays, this EP is presented by two like-minded producers, coming together to find new ways in which to meld styles, experiment with sounds and snare placement, whilst retaining melody and emphasis on sub frequencies. It will be the prestigious labels’ 39th release, and acts almost as a follow-up to MAKOs’ ‘The Space Badgers EP’ from late 2010, which also included two collaborations between these two producers.

Included at: Library UK –  Jungle’n’WobblesBBC Radio 1Sub FM/AshtechBass And SpaceThe Techno KittensKCRW/MALCOLM PodcastThe Noise Gate/Diegetics – Pete Cogle: bit.ly/1eM0CiD & bit.ly/1h8CzwqSoundscape Memoirs – THANKS!